Hiking with enjoyment

"Hiking with enjoyment" is the motto for easy hikes in the Stubai valley. Enjoy an unforgettable nature experience while on leisurely hikes and discover the beauty of the Stubai Alps in Tyrol! You will find a selection of the most beautiful hikes for leisure hikers here:


Seduck – Stöcklalm lodge, 1,610 m – Oberissalm lodge, 1,740 mRouting information

  • Easy hike
  • Total hiking time (without breaks): approx. 2 hours
  • Rise in altitude: 120 m in 1 ¼ hours
  • Descent altitude: 120 m in 45 min
  • Starting point: Seduck
  • End point: Seduck
  • Alternative: From the Stöcklalm lodge to Oberissalm lodge; 140 metres in altitude there and back in about 1 hour
  • Season: during the snow-free months

From Seduck (you are able to park in front of the avalanche barriers), continue in the Oberberg valley over the bridge and to the right side of the valley across the alpine grassland on the field trail into the valley; just before the Stöcklalm, continue on by crossing the stream, continue to the Stöcklalm lodge.


Alternative: At the Stöcklalm, carry along the stream to the left side of the valley; follow signs for the Oberissalm lodge. Go back via the road or the same trail as the ascent. A beautiful alpine pasture hike in the idyllic Oberberg valley.


Break stop: Stöcklalm lodge, Oberissalm lodge are open from May/June to October.


Volderau – Doadleralm lodge, 1,250 m – Tschanglairalm lodge, 1,390 mRouting information

  • Easy hike
  • Total hiking time (without breaks): approx. 2 ½ - 3 hours
  • Rise in altitude: 300 m in 2 ½ - 3 hours
  • Starting point: Bergcristall Hotel
  • End point: Tschanglairalm lodge
  • Alternative: only to the Doadleralm and back; 150 metres in altitude there and back in about 1 ½ - 2 hours
  • Season: Snow free months; alternative: all-the-year

Set off into the valley from the hotel on the left side of the road, on the wide hiking trail along the forest edge to the Doadleralm. At the halfway point, you can also cross the bridge and select the route via the Klausäuele leisure centre. After the Doadleralm, continue a short distance along the road, then back over the bridge to the right side of the valley, upwardly through the forest, you'll see signs for the Oberhausalm (break stop); continue to Ranalt as far as the church, after the bus stop further over the short road bridge, right from the forest path, signs for Bsuchalm/Tschanglairalm with a short rise, past the Nürnberg Hütte car park to the quaint Tschanglairalm. Back by public bus. The walk can also be done vice versa.


Break stop: Doadleralm is open all year round, Tschanglairalm from December to October, Oberhausalm from June to September.


Neustift – Kartnallhöfe, 1,275 m – ForchachRouting information

  • Easy hike
  • Total hiking time (without breaks): approx. 3 hours
  • Rise in altitude: 300 m in 1 hour
  • Mountain trail and altitude descent: 300 m in 2 hours
  • Starting point: Neustift Freizeitzentrum (leisure centre)
  • End point: Neustift Freizeitzentrum (leisure centre)
  • Season: all-the-year

From the Neustift leisure centre (public car park), continue forward to the main street and by the Kindergarden (nursery), cross the main street, continue forward on the street towards the swimming pool, continuing on along the left side of the valley to the Kartnallhöfe. On the road to Forchach, continue towards the farmhouse through the tunnel for about 500 m (it is lit up somewhat) into the Oberberg valley; at the junction, head out of the valley towards Milders, left at the power station, down the Wiesenweg (path) along the creek, across the main road (bus stop) to the riverside trail and back to Neustift again.


Break stop: Kartnallhöfe is open all the year round, Café am Uferweg all the year round, leisure centre from July to May.


Wiesenweg Neder – FulpmesRouting information

  • Easy hike
  • Total hiking time (without breaks): 2 – 2 ½ hours
  • Ascent and descent: less time, to Fulpmes in about 1 hour
  • Starting point: Neder
  • End point: Neder
  • Season: all-the-year

From Neder (car park behind the bus stop), take the Wiesenweg (path) to the Kampler lake with leisure facilities and children's playground, over the bridge at the lake to the left side of the valley, out of the valley on the Wiesenweg towards Fulpmes, past the Rastbichlhof, take the left junction after the small bridge; past the Gröbenhof, slightly downhill to Fulpmes centre at the next turning, turn off again when you see a chapel (afterwards, the fire station can be found); when you see the Gasthof Jenewein (inn), continue into the valley, and past the houses after Medraz, take the Wiesenweg back to Neustift-Neder. The return trip from Fulpmes is possible by public bus.


Break stop: Jausenstation Kampler See, Rastbichlhof, Gröbenhof, Gasthof Jenewein, all open throughout the year (possible annual closing).


Kapfers - Stockerhof, 1,160 m - Kreither Alm lodge, 1,490 mRouting information

  • Easy hike
  • Total hiking time (without breaks): approx. 2 hours
  • Ascent: 100 metres in altitude hike, in about 1 hour
  • Descent - return back: 100 metres in altitude hike, in about 1 hour
  • Starting point: Kapfers (in Telfes)
  • End point: Kapfers (in Telfes)
  • Alternative: From the Stockerhof to the Kreither Alm lodge, 300 metres in altitude there and back in about 1 ½ to 2 hours
  • Season: all-the-year, alternative: June to October

From Telfes/Kapfers (car park after the last few houses) take the Wiesenweg (path) out of the valley; take the first turning to the left and the second turning to the right to the Stockerhof. To the left, the hiking trail leads to the Kreither Alm. Back along the same trail or descent to the railway tracks and into the rail trail area to Telfes/Kapfers. Return route is also possible with the Stubai Valley Railway to Luimes; from there, there is a short ascent to the car park for about 10 minutes.


Alternative: From the Stockerhof or the ascent to the Kreither Alm as previously described, descent back to the Stockerhof or a high-altitude path (partly mountain track) from the Kreither Alm to Telfes/Kapfers.


Break stop: Stockerhof is open all the year round; Kreither Alm from June to October