From us for you

Arrive and be at home. Because everything fits. Expanse, light, harmony, inspiration and variety, just feel the sun in your heart for a few days. It is no longer important to be as far away from home as possible. It is only important to find a nice place that is good for you and soothes you. Enjoy freedom, live your own rhythm. The "mountain and valley" is a retreat and a haven of peace.

It was important to us to create an individual, small, authentic place where everyone felt comfortable. Where people can recover from the pressure of their demanding work environment, where happy people find a little break.


The quiet location of our house, in the middle of lush meadows and still on the edge of the forest, with which, with a little luck, you can even watch wildlife, where life follows a pulse that does you good. That brings calm. Decelerate - and at the same time fulfill.

A place close to nature that offers a stable antipole in the middle of the rushing fast world. This is our Alpenchalet Vital.


Where you can do what you don't have time for all year round. Sleep indefinitely, daydream, look thoughtlessly through the clean air on the balcony. Never be disturbed by anyone and enjoy yourself. We value the privacy of our guests and love to see them to the fullest thanks to our unobtrusive, family-like way.



AND ENRICHING MOMENTS THAT ONLY belong to you and your loved ones.


Vacation should be the best time of the year! If you think “Oh, how it was nice” on your trip home and think of us wistfully at home, we have done our job right! We want our guests to feel comfortable with us and preferably not want to go home anymore.


Claudia & Marcus with Louis and Paul